Warren during a Sunday morning children’s talk.


Parish Priest –  Revd Dr Warren Huffa

Warren comes to St Columba’s with a desire to continue to integrate deeper spiritual wisdom into his life. He has a passion for theology and understanding the Bible, and making space for others to learn and minister.

Assistant Minister – Revd Michael Rogers

For the past four years I have been a studying a bachelor of Theology, through Charles Sturt University, via St Barnabas College. Prior to this I worked in the classical music section of the ABC for 25 years. I had wanted to study theology for the last 20 years but didn’t have the confidence to go to university. Ultimately, I felt I was led to study. The experience has been transformational as I have listened, researched, written and reflected on the rich complexities of a faithful God, who through the wonder of the Holy Trinity, is in relationship with all of creation. Faith involves a lifetime of discovery, not just in an academic way, but also in the reality of experiencing God at work in our lives, and the lives of those around us. To this end I feel fortunate to participate in hospital chaplaincy, aged care chaplaincy, and the parish setting. Theological study has also helped me to a greater appreciation of what it means to be a people of God. It’s enabled me to experience the richness of Anglican liturgy in new ways. Faith sometimes involves doubt, but faith also involves hope. I look forward to meeting you at St Columba’s Church, a place where we can hope in a faithful God.

Associate Priest – Revd Stephen Bloor

Stephen came to St Columba’s with ministry experience in Parishes in Adelaide and the Central Coast in New South Wales.  His passions include Christian leadership, coaching and seeing people grow in their faith and apply it to their daily lives.


 Priest’s Warden – Elizabeth Bleby

I came to the parish as a teenager and joined the very active Youth Fellowship.  A few years after my marriage (here) we returned to St Columba’s as a family and our children grew up here, involved in the choir and Youth Fellowship, making lasting friends.  My involvement with the church has included membership of Parish Council and a previous term as Warden.  I think that Christian education matters very much and I have completed a Bachelor of Theology as well as continuing to learn through Education for Ministry and the various studies which we undertake from time to time.


People’s Warden – Neville Haar


Parish Council

Ann Nadge, Wendy Thomas, Sandra Engelhardt,  Arthur Waite, Lynette Hawes, Mike Lucas, Wendy Jeffrey, Philip Totman, and Sarah Black are our current Parish Councillors, and together with the Wardens, Elizabeth Bleby and Neville Haar,  comprise the Parish Council. Wendy Thomas also acts as Treasurer.